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In accordance with our ISO accreditation, we track and record key parameters of the production cycle. Our qualified QA Manager and staff are dedicated to ensuring that we consistently meet customer product specifications. Product-dimensional-validation using our new Micro-Vu, co-ordinate measuring machine can be done and if required statistical measurement reports are available.

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ISO 13485:2016 - Medical Devices

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Control

Chatillon Force Tester

In our continued efforts to lift quality control and testing standards we have recently acquired a new Force Tester from Chatillon – a leading manufacturer of force testing equipment world-wide.

The Chatillon Force Tester is referred to in ASTM standards such as F3275-19.

We see benefit for our customers from this investment with the ability of the force tester to check product fit and measure friction between moving plastic parts of a customer’s final product.

The machine is capable of testing forces up to 50 Newtons and can record data points up to 1000 times per second.

This equipment, typically used in laboratories, has been added as part of our production offering for those times when customers need additional data to support their product’s fitness for use.

At customer request we can provide data from the Chatillon system in graphical or spreadsheet formats.

We welcome your questions or enquiries about ways to make use of the capabilities of this new piece of test equipment. Please contact Mark Rassie on +64 9 813 1892 or email info@gplastics.co.nz for further information.

Galantai Plastics Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015

We will strive to achieve customer satisfaction by continually improving process, products and services to ensure we consistently meet their requirements and expectations. In monitoring our performance, we will aim to meet the objectives and requirements of the internationally recognized standard.


ISO 13485:2016

In the manufacture of medical devices, we will aim to consistently produce safe and effective products. We will strive to comply with the current regulations and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.