Tooling & Product Design

"Design is what connects engineering to human needs"


Every project has functional demands that must be met. The environment the product will be exposed to and the mechanical stresses it may have to endure. All of these factors need careful consideration during the product design phase. Good mould design and selecting the best plastic material for the application are also critical.

We can provide design and technical input using our Solidworks CAD software, to help visualise conceptual ideas as they morph into your desired design. From your 3D files, prototypes can be produced so the look and functionality of the product can approved before any tooling work begins.

Working with Galantai Plastics you can expect promptness, responsiveness, accessibility and quick follow-up. We pride ourselves on our effective communication, keeping promises, no surprises and getting it ‘right first time’.


Depending on your requirements and budget, we can offer the option of our local or offshore toolmaking partners.

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Galantai Plastics have won many Plastics NZ awards for products in the following categories.
  • Consumer Products
  • Injection Moulding
  • Personal Care
  • Primary Products
  • Reseach & Development
  • Building Components
  • Export Category